Our studios are located in the greenest parts of 2 awesome cities. We have a great team, with young & active game heroes. You might see us do some mean programming or designing now, but we’ll also run a great marathon race or have fun @ parties! We are all about making and playing the best games!
The studios have generous spaces, cool relaxation/gaming//chilling rooms and lot of fun to discover!


We have an awesome relaxation room, with ping pong, foossball and pool tables, also a great place for concerts, conferences and, why not, stand-up & magic shows 🙂


If you’re an active game hero, you can exercise at the gym, where you can find great equipment and instructors. You can also attend kickboxing, aerobic, zumba or yoga classes. The list goes on, but be sure to check out our lunch room for some refreshments. Don’t forget about our massage parlor. All of these at the office.


If you have kids, we are the only IT company in Romania to offer a kindergarten for your children in our Bucharest studio.